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Registration Open Now


$300 registration fee & $25 per performer

Discounts for multiple groups from the same school: 

2 Groups:  Registration $200 per group & $25 per performer; 

3 Groups or more: Registration $150 per group & $25 per performer         

*Groups must be from the same school campus for multi-group discounts.


CLICK HERE to take a tour of the Brandon Amphitheater. 

*There will be 400 seats in the area right in front of the stage reserved for patrons of the currently performing group. 

CLICK HERE To view a tour of the Warm-Up Room and the walk through the HALL of FAME to the STAGE!


We are praying for great weather and the vital areas of the event are completely covered and protected from rain including the performance area, large sections for equipment storage, equipment loading dock, warm-up room, directors lounge, judges area, and sound booth. Our intentions are to proceed forward with this competition as long as it is safe even if there is some rain just like any other professional event. 

CLICK HERE to view what the loading dock and performance area would look like if there were to be any rain.

If necessary we also have the Brandon High School Gym which will be transformed into a first class performance arena in the event that we have to move event due to weather.

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