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All Boys 4:00-4:15

Be prepared to say as late as 6:30

Red 4:15-4:30

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Purple 4:30-5:10

Screen Shot 2024-03-24 at 7.56.28 PM.png

Orange 5:10-5:40

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Green 5:40-6:10

Practice Suggestions

1. Practice the dance slow as much as needed then work your way up to speed. 

2. You need to know all of the dance but give the most attention to the dance break. 

3. You need to be able to do the choreo without looking at other people. 

3. Practice vocals using the "piano sheet music videos" to help learn the notes. 

4. After learning the notes work on memorizing the vocal parts by singing your voice part along with the "voice part demo" audio files. 

5. Finally practice singing your voice part with the "voice part demo" while also doing the choreography at the same time.

Once you are confident practice with the "Instrumental" track. This is most likely what will be played at the audition. It does not have any vocals on it. Also I suggest, if possible, practice with other people to get used to singing with other voices parts and just to encourage each other. 

Do not be discouraged. We just need to see your best!

See you Monday...blessings-The Woodwards


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Girls Walk Through


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