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Audition 2023
00:00 / 01:35
Audition Song - Soprano
00:00 / 01:38
Audition Song - Alto
00:00 / 01:38
Audition Song - Tenor
00:00 / 01:38


Practice tracks will be available here soon.
What voice part you sing
will be assigned on Monday

New auditioners, this video will be explained at auditions. Do not let it freak you out. It is a practice resource. 

Soprano practice is 0:00-2:40

Alto Practice is 2:40-5:25

Tenor Practice is 5:25-8:13

Each part of the video is broken up into 3 sections. Part one is a warm up exercise. The other two parts are to help learn your voice part for two different sections of the audition song. 

The audition song is mostly unison, that means that everybody is singing the same exact note. However, there are two little sections in the song that are split into parts (girls sing a note and boys sing a note). This video is to help teach those little short parts. 

An mp3 of each voice part will be available next week. It will have a recording of people sing the soprano, alto, and tenor parts. This video just uses a computerized flute sound. 

Specifically, this video is to help teach you the 0:53-0:56 & 1:25-1:35 of the audition song. It breaks down those parts using numbers and then words. The more you listen and sing a long, the better you'll do at auditions



This is how it's gonna be

This is what you'll think of me

It's goin down like I told ya

This is how it's gonna be


I'll be the last one standin' here

I'm not goin anywhere

It's goin down like I told ya

I'll be the last one standin here

Girls (Boys)

Whatcha gon' do? (I'm gonna rock you)

Whatcha gon' do? (I'm gonna rock you)

Whatcha gon' do? (I'm gonna rock you)

I'll have you beggin' for mercy, beggin' for mercy Oh!


I'm dangerous

So dangerous

I'm dangerous

So dangerous


I'll have you beggin' for mercy, beggin' for mercy,

Beggin' for mercy, beggin' for mercy Oh!

I'm dangerous


Videos will be uploaded Monday evening

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