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Brandon Brio was created by Charlie Woodward in 2007 at Brandon Elementary.  At the time, there was not a show choir in Brandon.  The group was instantly successful. Mr. Woodward pushed the 3rd-5th grade students to perform beyond what is typical for elementary students.  The arrangements were 3-part harmony, and the choreography was closer to the level of Jr. High with intricate group work and precision.  Mr. Woodward said that many times people come to watch school performances only because they are somehow related to the performers, but he wanted to create a group that performed well enough to draw the attention of the masses regardless of relation. After 2 years, in 2009 Mr. Woodward moved to Brandon Middle School to continue teaching the students that first began Brio.  Brandon Middle Brio amped up their performances by adding backdrops, more intense choreography, and began to sing up to 7 part harmonies.  Also in 2009, Mr. Woodward’s wife, Lauren Woodward, continued the elementary show choir under the name Blitz.  In 2011, Brio added a live band under the direction of Tyler Kemp.  Brio is now headed into an exciting new future. In 2012 Mr. Woodward moved to Brandon High School to continue teaching the very same students that were in the first group from 2007.  Mr. Woodward will still be helping direct Brandon Middle School show choir.  The high school is called Brio and the Middle School is called Blitz. 

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