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1. There is a no-contact rule for any directors until Monday.


April 16th at 6:30 

Brandon High School

Multipurpose Room

3. As stated in the sign up, we are unsure of the total amount of dues because we have not yet planned our competition season yet. That determines much of the cost. 

BOOM has been approximately $1000

BLITZ has been approximately $1600

I am working very hard to look at past years expenditures to lower dues as much as possible.

4. You MUST have the first payment at the Parent Meeting. Both groups' first payment will be $300.

5. Pop a cappella auditions are April 11th. All other choir audition results will be posted on Thursday, April 12. To sign up for the pop a cappella auditions, go to this link.

6. We were absolutely stunned by the talent at auditions, and we are beyond excited for the future of Boom & Blitz. So many students sang their parts independently and so many students danced and performed incredibly well. Wow.



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