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Hello Everyone,

This week we start the audition process for Brio and Bellas (CAST, CREW & BAND).

Brio and Bellas travel the Nation and consistently win GRAND CHAMPION awards.

This is your opportunity to be a part of something extraordinary!


Please read carefully so you will know what to do for auditions.


CREW-Crew members are the ones working behind the scenes to make sure everything works perfectly.  They are the production staff. Crew members receive training in lighting, sound, costuming, and overall production.  

The audition process for CREW is to go through an interview with Mrs. Brownlee and/or Mr. Woodward.

You will need to sign up using the form on the homepage and show up either Thursday or Friday after school in the MPR. 


BAND-Band members play at a professional level as an accompaniment to the singing groups Brio, Bellas & Blitz.  Being in Brio Band is an incredibly fun and rewarding experience.  The audition process for Band is going to take place Thursday after school in the MPR. Please bring your instrument so that you can play. Drum set and Piano provided. You will need to sign up using the form on the homepage.

Instruments needed are: 

Tenor Sax

Bari Sax

3 Trumpets

2 Trombone

Bass Trombone

Piano/Keyboard/Synth players


Bass Guitar


Auxiliary Percussion


CAST-Cast members are the ones that perform on the stage with singing and choreography.  There are two incredible groups: BRIO & BELLAS.  

The process for the audition is you will come Thursday and/or Friday after school to learn vocals and choreography. Then you will audition on Monday. 

Tuesday is reserved for call-backs and anyone that is unavailable Monday.  I encourage each of you that if you have any interest to show up Thursday and/or Friday and check it out. Brio and Bellas is made up of a welcoming group of kids that will help you do you your best in the audition process.  You will need to sign up using the form on the homepage.


Schedule-It is totally fine if you did not put Brio or Bellas on your schedule. You can still audition and your schedule can be changed if you are chosen for any of the groups.

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