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Typically a voice teacher or vocal coach would guide you to the best voice part, but if you do not have a private voice teacher then here are some suggestions:

1. If you have sung in a choir before now try that voice part first.

2. The highest to lowest female voice parts are 

Sop 1, Sop 2, Alto 1, Alto 2

3. The highest to lowest male voice parts are

Ten 1, Ten 2, Bass 1, Bass 2

4. Try all the parts and see which one best fits your voice.

5. The part you audition for may not be the voice part you will actually sing if you are chosen for a group. 

6. This song is placed a little high, but it is a good example of what you will be expected to sing if you are chosen for a group.

7. Do not try to sing the part an octave lower. 

8. Voices change over time.  Just because you sing a certain part now does not mean you will always sing that part. Also, many people can sing multiple parts so it is more about which one best fits your voice for where you are right now. 

Note: This was our first time recording vocals like this so there is a little distortion.  Please excuse that. Hopefully future projects will be better quality :)

The choreography can be a bit challenging, but do not be discouraged.  An audition is designed to push you some and see what you can do. It is fast, and there are a lot of moves. Do your best, and show us your best effort. 

That is what we are looking for. 


1. Sing your voice part without choreography.

2. Do the choreography without singing. 

3. Your best effort of singing your voice part & doing the choreography together. 


-Instrumental Only-

The instrumental only is what you need to use when uploading your audition. So practice with the video specific to your voice part and then make sure you can correctly sing your part with the instrumental only. 

-All Vocals-

If you are asked for a call-back then you will sing with other voice parts against your own so you will need to practice what that will feel and sound like using the All Vocals practice video

-Soprano 1-

-Soprano 2-

-Alto 1-

-Alto 2-

-Tenor 1-

-Tenor 2-

-Bass 1-

-Bass 2-

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